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Zoom MS-200D+ MultiStomp Guitar Effects Pedal

Pre-Order Item
This is a pre-order item that is not yet available for order fulfillment.
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Zoom MS-200D+ MultiStomp Guitar Effects Pedal

This is a brand new Zoom MS-200D+ MultiStomp Guitar Effects Pedal.


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Product Details

For Those About To Shred, We Salute You
The MS-200D+ features 200 drives and distortions, the most ever in one stompbox.

New Zoom Originals And Much, Much More
The MS-200D+ features 164 Zoom originals plus 36 emulations of classic tones that cover overdrives, distortions, boosts, fuzz, and more.

Create Your Own Distortions
With up to 200 custom patches, you can create unique distortions by chaining any two effects together in series, parallel, or alternate for the ability to quickly switch between two tones.

Color Changing Display
The LCD screen changes color, making it easier to distinguish each drive and distortion type while scrolling.

Solid Body
The MS-200D+ is built with a metal frame designed to withstand anything you throw at it.

Cross Key Switches
The Cross Key switches allow you to instantly switch between effects with a tap of your foot.

Tweak On
Adjusting and tweaking parameters for each drive and distortion can be done with the four encoder knobs.

Power Options
The MS-200D+ runs on 2 AA batteries, or via USB-C or AC power.

Stay Tuned
The onboard chromatic tuner uses the color backlight to give visual feedback to help you tune quickly and accurately. It supports all standard guitar tunings as well as open & drop tunings.

Handy Guitar Lab
With a growing library of patches and drives & distortions, guitarists can continue to expand their sound with the Handy Guitar Lab app for iOS.

More Drives And Distortions For Every Shredder

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