ART P16 XLR Balanced Patchbay P-16 Patch Bay

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An XLR patch bay might seem like an odd piece of gear, but it is extremely useful for organization and microphone routing to different preamps. In the front, you can plug in your mics to one of the 16 XLR inputs. On the back, the XLR outputs can go to any of you mic inputs in your rack without needing go behind the desk, or move the rack. Even if you need to go the other way, the ears are reversible!

ART P16 XLR Balanced Patchbay P-16 Patch Bay

Ideal for any live PA rack, studio rack or fixed installation where easy access to XLR inputs are required, the P16 brings all rear-mounted XLR inputs from various devices to one, convenient single space rackmountable location. The P16 saves wear and tear on the connectors of expensive audio equipment by bringing all commonly used connections to the external patch bay.

All-steel chassis, black anodized finish and secure, high-quality XLR connections front and back with internal connections made via PCB wiring ensure long term reliability from the passive ART P-16 Balanced XLR rackmount patch bay.


  • 16 channels of balanced direct signals
  • High quality passive interface
  • XLR connectors (female on front, male on rear)
  • All connections made via reliable PCB wiring
  • 19-inch 1U-high rack mount with rugged, fully shielded black all-steel enclosure
  • Reversible rack ears for added system flexibility
  • Three year warranty

Warranty Period

3 Years

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