Yamaha REV7 (REV-7) Digital Reverberator Effects Processor

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This used Yamaha REV7 Digital Reverb Effects Processor comes with an attached Power Cable.


This effects processor is in good cosmetic condition, including some slightly bent rack ears that will still fit securely into a rack. The Mix and EQ controls are a little noisy, and if you crank the absolutely crazy EQ to it's max settings you'll get some oscillations which is common with these. Most sellers don't disclose it, because it's not something you run into in normal use. The display works, but is a little dim. Sounds great, and all of the effects are working as they should. Please see pictures for details on item condition. Only what is pictured is included.

Product Details

The Yamaha REV7 professional digital reverberator is a programmable, MIDI-controllable signal-processing device with stereo output. It offers a wide variety of reverb, echo, delay, and ambient effects.

Effects include chorusing, delays, stereo repeats, flanging, phasing, flanged reverbs, gated reverbs, reverse gates and more. Various parameters are available for each reverb, such as 1st reflection, initial delay, reverberation time and diffusion with fine tuning for each output channel.

  • A wide variety of reverberation, echo, delay, and ambient effects.
  • Special Modulation effects include stereo phasing, flanging, chorus, and tremolo.
  • Totally accurate and independent control of parameters.
  • The 30 factory preset effects may be edited to create up to 60 user programs, which can be stored in the REV7's memory, and instantly recalled at the touch of a button.
  • Remote control unit permits remote selection of all presets and the most commonly used user programs.
  • Effects may be selected from an external MIDI device enabling automatic selection of a specified reverberation effect for each voice on the synthesizer.
  • Full three-band parametric equalization allows adjustment of the sound of the REV7 to exactly match the acoustic properties of any environment.