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Warm Audio WA273-EQ Stereo 1073 Style Mic Preamp & Equalizer 2-Channel

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Warm Audio WA273-EQ Stereo 1073 Style Mic Preamp & Equalizer 2-Channel


This is a Special Order item which usually take 3-4 weeks for order fulfillment. We will provide you with a delivery estimate in 1 business day. We are an authorized dealer.

If there's one style of preamp that professional engineers would unanimously agree has defined the tone of pop/rock records for decades, it would most definitely be the venerable '73-style of mic pre. '73-style preamps have been massively used in recording and live applications for many years and are still considered to be the "Holy Grail" of preamp choices today. The Warm Audio "WA73 Family" consists of single and dual channel '73-style preamps (with & w/out EQ), that each pay careful homage to British audio history.

When we at Warm Audio decided to release the WA273-EQ it was imperative that it met vintage expectation in both design and performance. The tone and sweet character that vintage '73-style mic preamps impart is so unique and familiar, that we had only the pure desire to release sonically accurate reproductions. After years of R&D, careful reverse-engineering, and countless hours of auditioning, the WA273-EQ was born!

The WA273-EQ is a "Desert Island" boutique preamp, but it can also be classified as a studio and live work-horse. Classic '73-style preamps are known for being versatile tools that work with all kinds of microphones from Condenser, to Dynamic, to Ribbon. The WA273-EQ equally shines on all types of microphones and sources including; vocals, acoustic/electric guitars, bass, drums, percussion, orchestras, keyboards, and even as a tone shaping tool to run partial or complete mixes through. With 80dB of gain and a fully discrete Carnhill Transformer balanced signal path, there's no recording, mixing or engineering task that the WA273-EQ can't handle.


  • Dual Channel, Class A, '73-Style British Microphone Preamp With Eq
  • Uk Made Carnhill Transformers & Blore Edwards Eq Dual-Concentric Switch Potentiometers
  • Hand Wired, Hand Assembled
  • 80Db Of Gain - Resistor Stepped Gain Switch
  • Fully Discrete
  • Tone Button - Changes Input Transformer Impedance For Varying Tone
  • Polarity Switch & 48V Phantom Power
  • Low Band Boost/Cut - 35, 60, 110, 220 Hz / Mid Band Boost/Cut - 360, 700, 1600, 3200, 4800, 7200 Hz / High Band Boost/Cut - 10, 12, 16 Khz
  • 4 Position Inductor Based Hipass Filter - 50, 80, 160, 300 Hz
  • XLR Mic Inputs (Front & Back), Line Level TRS Input, Direct In, Instrument Input
  • XLR & TRS Line Level Outputs, TS Send/Receive Insert Jacks

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