Radial Engineering EXTC Stereo Guitar Effects Interface & Reamper

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Radial Engineering EXTC Stereo Guitar Effects Interface & Reamper

The EXTC Stereo is a creative studio tool that gives you the ability to play any pre-recorded audio track through stereo guitar effects pedals, using the process known as Reamping™ to utilize your pedal collection in new and exciting ways.

The original single-channel EXTC is a secret weapon of mixing engineers worldwide, used for adding guitar FX such as distortion pedals onto any audio track. With the EXTC Stereo, you can also incorporate a lush stereo reverb pedal into your mix, play around with a ping pong delay on vocals, or even add rotary effects for a unique element that helps your mix stand out from the rest.

Connecting to your recording interface is made easy with both XLR and TRS options available, along with front-panel jacks for your guitar pedals. Send & Receive level controls optimize the signal path, while a Blend knob adjusts the wet/dry mix to fine-tune the results.


  • Connect stereo guitar pedals to balanced recording gear
  • Front panel 1/4" inputs and outputs for pedals
  • Send & Receive controls to optimize gain staging
  • Utilize your pedal collection in new & unique ways

What's Included

  • EXTC-Stereo
  • 15V 500mA Power Supply

Warranty Period

3 Years

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