Open Box Mogami 6-foot Gold 1/4" TRS to XLR Male Cable

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Cabling between your interface and monitors is the most important in your studio. If you can't properly hear what you're recording or mixing, then the moves you make don't matter. Noise and signal degradation can ruin your monitoring setup and ruin your mix. Mogami's Gold cabling solves this problem in professional and project studios alike.

This is an open box 6-foot Mogami Gold TRS-XLRM Cable with a TRS Male connector on one end, and an XLR Male connector on the other.


This is an open box customer return. This item has minimal wear and comes with all of the original accessories, but the packaging has wear from opening.

Product Details

This balanced patch cable with gold-pin/black body 1/4" TRS and male XLR connectors is a popular choice for powered speakers. Mogami Gold TRS-XLRM uses Neglex™ Studio Quad cabling, legendary for clarity and freedom from noise/RF interference. Neglex™ type Quad cables are designed for the highest quality recording applications where maximum definition is critical.

  • The finest patch cable you can buy for neutral tone and noise rejection
  • Conductor insulation is XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) for excellent sonic clarity
  • Mogami Signature Ultra High Density Spiral Pure Copper Shield for superior sound quality and silent background
  • A perfect choice for high end audio equipment
  • Lifetime warranty

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