Lexicon LXP-1 (LXP1) Reverb Effects Processor

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This used Lexicon LXP-1 Reverb Effects Processor comes with a Power Adapter.


This effects processor is in very good condition with normal cosmetic wear. This unit has been fully tested and works great. Please see pictures for details on item condition. Only what is pictured is included.

Product Details

The Lexicon LXP-1 is a compact multi-effects processor, but contains mostly reverb effects. It also has chorus and delay tones, but again primarily has reverb effects. The LXP-1 has stereo 1/4" inputs and outputs as well as MIDI connections and a 1/4" jack for a foot switch. The box requires a nine volt power supply.

Using the Lexicon LXP-1 is a fairly simple process, as everything is laid out very well. There are parameters for input, mix, output, decay, and delay, as well as a mode knob that has about 15 different settings include for two different small, medium, and large reverbs, as well as hall, plate, room, reverse, and gate reverbs.

  • Classic Lexicon Reverb Quality
  • 1/2 rack unit footprint
  • Very easy to use
  • Preset, yet adjustable reverbs

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