Korg 03R/W AI2 Synthesis Module Rackmount

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This used Korg 03R/W AI2 Synthesis Module comes with an attached power cable.


This synthesizer is in very good condition with normal cosmetic wear, has been fully tested, and works as it should. It also has a brand new battery installed so your presets should stay in memory for a long time. Please see pictures for details on item condition, only what is pictured is included.

Product Details

All-digital AI2 synthesis system
From the tone generator (a capacity of 40 Mbits) through the filters and effect units, all audio is handled in digital form, ensuring high-quality sound with no signal loss.

A wide variety of Multisounds (waveforms)
The 03R/W contains 255 preset Multisounds (multi-sampled PCM waveforms), providing a wide variety of ingredients for flexible sound creation. Additional Multisounds can be provided by inserting optional PCM cards, allowing you to create sounds that were not possible without the card.

Combinations allow flexible performance possibilities
A total of 100 combinations can be used to combine sounds for performance. The 03R/W will function as an 8-timbre tone generator, making it an ideal addition to any sequencing system.

Editable Drum Kits assist in song creation
The 03R/W provides 119 types of drum sounds, settings and tuning for each drum sound can be stored in two Drum Kits.

Conforming to GM (Multi mode)
Since the 03R/W conforms to the GM (General MIDI) standard in Multi mode, you can play the 03R/W through the sequencer of any manufacturer or model as long as it conforms to the GM standard.

Multi Digital Effect processor for flexible sound creation
The 03R/W contains a Multi Digital Effect processor that provides up to 4 simultaneous effects, and can also be used as two completely independent stereo effects systems. Not only delay and reverb, but also equalizer, distortion, rotary speaker, and many other types of effects are provided.