E-Mu Proteus/1 Rack-Mount Synth Module

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This used E-Mu Proteus/1 Synth Module comes with a Power Cable.


This synth is in good condition with normal cosmetic wear, has been tested, and sounds great Please see pictures for details on item condition - only what is pictured is included.

Product Details

The Proteus 1 is an economical one-space module consisting of your basic rock and pop sounds. It has 4 MB of sounds from the EIII library such as samples of pianos, organs, strings, horns, guitars, basses, drums, Latin percussion, and more all at your fingertips. The Proteus offers professional features such as full 16-part MIDI multitimbrality, 32-voice polyphony, 16-bit ROM samples, six individual polyphonic outputs and extensive editing and modulation capabilities./p>

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