Boss BR-1600CD Digital Multitrack Recorder with Minor Issue

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This used Boss BR-1600CD Digital Multitrack Recorder is missing the master fader knob and comes with a Power Adapter, a couple of 1/4" TS Instrument Cables, and four (4) RCA to 1/4" Adapters.


This recorder is in good condition with normal marks and cosmetic wear. The master fader knob missing. It still works, you just have to adjust it with something. Please see pictures for details on item condition - only what is pictured is included.

Product Details

BOSS’s BR-1600CD 16-track recorder, the most popular and full-featured portable 16-track on the market, expands with a Version 2 upgrade. Already powerful with its eight XLR inputs for simultaneous recording, pro-grade effects, and backing tracks, the BR-1600CD with Version 2 upgrade (free for all previous BR-1600 units) improves and adds to the existing effects, including COSM bass amp models from the GT-6B, enhanced vocal tools, MIDI sync capability, and more.

  • 16-track (256 V-Track) digital studio with hard drive and CD-R/RW drive
  • Record all 8 XLR inputs simultaneously-ideal for tracking live performances
  • Powerful onboard effects including COSM modeling for guitar, bass and vocals
  • New Vocal Tool Box with auto pitch correction and Harmony Sequence function
  • 16 individual Track EQs, plus 8 dedicated compressors
  • Mastering Tool Kit with multi-band compression for loud and punchy CDs
  • Create backing tracks quickly via independent Drum/Bass and Loop Phrase tracks
  • USB port for easy data exchange, plus V-LINK video control*
  • COSM models added (derived from BOSS's GT-6B)
  • Enhanced Vocal Tool Box for better vocals and backings
  • MIDI Slave capable for control from external MIDI devices
  • BR-1180CD/1200CD data compatible