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Avid Pro Tools MTRX Studio All-In-One Audio Interface Matrix


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MTRX Studio is the result of AVID listening intently to their customer base and taking key features from the modular MTRX, implementing them into a single rack unit box. MTRX Studio is designed for the engineer who uses a Pro Tools HD system, mixes with lots of outobard gear, and wants the flexibility of Dante, ADAT and SMUX with lots of analog and digital I/O. The most popular feature is speaker tuning DSP from Digital Audio Denmark that is found in the modular version of the MTRX. Overall, MTRX studio is the perfect centerpiece for studios using Pro Tools HD.

This is a brand new Avid Pro Tools MTRX Studio All-In-One Audio Interface.

Product Details:
Get the quality, flexibility, and creative efficiencies of Pro Tools| MTRX, optimized for mid-size music and audio post production. Pro Tools | MTRX Studio delivers high-quality I/O, extensive routing possiblities, and premium monitoring all in one audio interface. Declutter your studio by connecting all your gear to a single 1U device. Route any input to any output. Customize monitor profiles with integrated speaker tuning for any setup. And outfit sound design, sound editing, and smaller mix rooms for Dolby Atmos, enabling immersive mixing decisions to take place at any point in the post-production process.

For Music Creation and Mixing Professionals (Engineer, Studio, Creator)
For music creators and engineers, the ultimate objective is to stay in the creative moment while having efficient, ready-access to outboard tools and the highest audio quality. Pro Tools | MTRX Studio leverages the multifunction qualities of Pro Tools | MTRX in a more compact yet fully loaded interface. It features precision AD/DA conversion by Digital Audio Denmark, premium mic preamps, and tight integration with Pro Tools | HDX and HD Native, enabling you to record with the lowest latency and monitor every vocal and instrument detail to create better sounding music. And with its powerful digital routing capabilities and ample analog and digital I/O, including Dane, you can connect all your gear to a single interface, providing great studio efficiency in a small footprint.

For Audio Post and Mixing Professionals (Sound Designer, Engineer, Facility)
From recording sounds, ADR, and Foley, to mixing immersive audio, sound designers, editors, and mixers need high-quality, efficient solutions to support their demanding workflows. Pro Tools | MTRX Studio delivers the powerful routing and monitoring capabilities of Pro Tools | MTRX in a more compact yet fully loaded interface. It features precision AD/DA conversion by Digital Audio Denmark and premium mic preamps to create high quality sound, while Dante connectivity makes routing audio to multiple devices and rooms easy. With flexible monitor control and built-in SPQ speaker calibration, you can work with any speaker format and ensure your monitoring environment is precision-tuned. Outfit sound design, sound editing, and other mix rooms for Dolby Atmos, enabling creative immersive mixing to take place at any point in the post-production process.

Pro Tools | MTRX Studio is a versatile all-in-one I/O, monitoring, and routing solution that packs immense function in a compact form, consolidating multiple devices in your signal chain. From recording and monitoring, to routing audio across multiple rooms and devices, tuning speakers, creating monitor profiles, and folding down mixes, it's the ideal centerpiece for professional music and audio post facilities of all sizes.

What's Included:

  • Pro Tools | MTRX Studio audio interface
  • Pro | Mon 3 monitoring control
  • DADman software
  • BNC cables
  • DigiLink I/O License
  • AC power cable

Warranty Period:
1 Year

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