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As Is Furman HR6 Personal Headphone Mixer

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As Is Furman HR6 Personal Headphone Mixer

This broken Furman HR-6 Personal Headphone Mixer does not power on and does not come with any additional accessories.


This unit does not power on, and has two clipped off pots, which probably still work. A few bucks in parts would probably fix this. It also does not have any knobs. For these reasons we are selling this unit AS IS - For Parts Only! NO Returns will be accepted on this item. Please see pictures for details on item condition. Only what is pictured is included.

Product Details (For Working Units Only)

Attached to an HDS-6 (available separately), the Furman HR-6 allows musicians to customize their headphone or monitor mixes and levels. Accepts up to 7 units. Each unit provides 5 volume controls: 4 monaural for mixer channels or buses, plus one for stereo mix or effects. A Submix Include/Exclude button mutes the 4 monaural controls allowing each HR-6 user to hear stereo source only without having to alter the other settings.