Alesis AI3 20-Bit Analog-Optical Interface

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This used Alesis AI3 Analog-Optical Interface comes with a copy of the Manual and a Power Cable.


This interface is in very good condition with normal cosmetic wear, has been tested, and works great. Please see pictures for details on item condition. Only what is pictured is included.

Product Details

The Alesis AI3 interface offers an affordable solution for conversion between analog and digital audio using the ADAT Optical protocol. With 8 analog inputs and outputs, 24-bit digital converters, and ADAT Optical digital interface, the AI3 is perfect for studios that want to form a digital interconnect between recorders, mixers, and other compatible tools.

ADAT Digital Interface from the Creators of ADAT - The AI3 provides eight analog inputs and outputs on balanced 1/4 in. TRS connectors. These jacks feed 24-bit, 128 times oversampling A/D/A converters, offering a 96dB dynamic range. The digital signal can be routed through the ADAT Optical digital interface into any device that's compatible with the ADAT Optical format. The AI3 also works in reverse, translating ADAT Optical digital audio signals back to analog with 24-bit precision.

Front Panel Meters and Compact Design - The AI3's front panel shows signal presence and signal peaks on discrete LEDs for all eight channels. A switch allows for selection between balanced +4dBu and unbalanced -10dBV operation. Another front panel switch allows you to route the ADAT Optical signal through the AI3 so you can use it in a multi-ADAT system without repatching. The simple rear panel hosts the 8 input and 8 output jacks, as well as the ADAT Optical interface. With its streamlined design, the AI3 fits into a single standard 19" equipment rack, saving valuable space in your studio.

ADAT Optical -- the World's Digital Standard - The AI3 will convert any analog signal to the ADAT Optical digital standard. ADAT Optical is the most widely-used digital interfacing protocol, since it carries eight channels of digital audio at up to 24-bits of resolution using a compact, inexpensive fiberoptic cable.

The AI-3 has eight analog inputs and outputs. These are designed for line level (not mic level) signals, such as those from a mixing console or recorder.

  • Inputs. There are eight balanced or unbalanced 1/4"analog inputs. These send audio to the corresponding channel of the ADAT Optical Digital Output. (This is true only if the front panel "Optical Out Source" switch is set to "Analog In".)
  • Outputs. There are eight balanced or unbalanced 1/4"analog outputs. These convert the ADAT Optical Digital Input signal to an analog signal suitable for use with analog mixers and monitors. Unlike the Analog Inputs, the Analog Outputs are always active.

The AI-3 has an ADAT Optical Digital Input and Output on its rear panel. These digital connectors cannot accept a S/PDIF Optical Digital signal (from a DAT, CD or DVD player, for example) without first being converted to the ADAT Optical format.

  • ADAT Optical Input. The ADAT Optical Digital Input accepts an 8-channel ADAT Optical signal and sends it to the D/A converters for analog output. (This signal can also be fed to the ADAT Optical Output depending on the setting of the "Optical Out Source" button on the front panel.)
  • ADAT Optical Output. The ADAT Optical Digital Output outputs signal either from the eight analog inputs or the ADAT Optical Digital Input, depending on the setting of the "Optical Out Source" button on the front panel.