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What's your MOTIV?

_0028_mv51_still_life_bw_fnl_lr For decades, Shure has been known as the manufacturer for legendary microphones. They strive to produce microphones that will not just fit a wide variety of applications, but add a little more to make any recording stand out amidst the crowd. The microphones we have seen from Shure give us motivation to do more, and do it well. The problem with microphones, however, is that you usually need something to record their output with. Many times, we find ourselves in a situation in which we need great sound, but left our studio at home (for obvious reasons). But what is the one thing we always have with us? The same device many of you are reading this on: a Smart Phone! Shure has designed some of the best ways for us to record using our smart phone with the new MOTIV series. _0019_mv88_still_life_iphone_bw_lr_fnl Pictured above is the new MV88 for lightning-equipped iOS devices. Built in to this Mid/Side microphone (M/S) is one cardiod pattern condenser on the end with a bi-directional on the left and right sides. The configuration of these microphones is based off of the famed, Blumlein  technique. Using the free iOS "ShurePlus MOTIV" app, you can adjust the stereo width, EQ, compression and level all in real time. _0028_mv51_still_life_bw_fnl_lr This next one is the MV51. With aesthetics derived from the world renowned SM55, it has a sound entirely of its own. With an all-metal build, this USB and lightning-compatible microphone is ready for the most demanding of recording situations. On the front of the user interface is real-time DSP control for natural, flat recording, speaking, singing, acoustic instruments and loud environments. _0045_mv5_3qtr_on_stand_black_lr If you are in need of a smaller profile USB microphone with the same great results, then the MV5 is for you. It delivers much of the great sonic qualities of the MV51, but in a small diaphragm format. Capturing all of the nuances of voice and instruments, this USB mic has set a new standard for podcasting and recording. _0011_mvi_still_life_bw_fnl_lr If you already have a great microphone, there is another MOTIV option for you. The MVi recording interface has the same superb conversion quality of the MV51 with a combined XLR/TRS input jack in the rear. This even comes with the same five DSP presets! So the question stands, what's your MOTIV? Give us a call at 855-269-0474 or stop in the store in Appleton, WI. We can help you pick out the perfect product so you can achieve perfect results. And as always, enjoy FREE shipping on any product in the continental US. Be sure to check out our other articles at

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