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Pixel BPM

When putting gear into a rack, always use plastic "through-hole" washers. This will not only protect your rack ears from scratches and other damage, but will prevent your gear from being "grounded together" through the rack rails.
This is another good question I get from time to time that should be asked more often. As a follow-up to my previous article on how to set a graphic equalizer, I will go into the differences between parametric and graphic equalizers, why there are two types in the first place, and when & why to use one over the other.
Dynamics in audio means virtually the same thing as it does in music. It’s controlling the volume differences between loud, soft, and percussive instruments, musical passages that rise and fall in volume, and the overall mix of a recording or live performance. A good example of this is ...
What is the proper way to set an equalizer? This is a very good question that should be asked a lot more often. Let’s start with a quiz. Which of these pictures would you choose as a starting point for your EQ Curve? So, which one would you start with?