Now Available - ESP/LTD Guitars and Basses

Now Available - ESP/LTD Guitars and Basses

We are very pleased to announce that Pixel Pro Audio is now carrying ESP/LTD guitars and basses! Being in a metal band, and owner of an Arrow 401, I was very excited to have some guitars centered in the heavier genres. Of course, they have guitars that are tailored to blues, funk, and rock as well. In today's article, we'll cover some highlights of our new and B-stock shipments.

New Iron Cross James Hetfield Signature - $1199.00

James Hetfield is a man who needs no introduction. He is one of the pioneers of modern metal and influenced many of the best shredders today. This guitar carries on Metallica's legacy with James' signature EMG JH SET active pickups, 3-piece mahogany set neck, ebony fretboard and maple top and body. This 22-fretted monster is made to shred.

New B-206 Natural - $529.00

Basses with six strings scream brutality, but are also very common in genres when bass is featured. A six string bass has an extra string on the bottom and an extra on the top. The extra bottom string is often tuned to B, and sometimes, as low as G to reinforce the girth in heavy guitars and add a weight to the song/style that is not possible with 4 strings. When it gets tuned down to G, that is lower than a piano can go! The extra string on top is typically tuned to C. This was added for bassists who solo and have some skill to show off. Other than soloing, it helps active bass players reach higher notes without the need to stretch between the notes. This makes for cleaner playing and the thinner string helps the higher notes cut through.

New F-10 KIT - $199.00

ESP's 10 range is a series of entry level guitars with serious bang for your buck. Just looking at the F-10 KIT, you would expect to pay a lot more than $199. ESP packed as much as they could into this guitar including a custom single-coil blade-style neck pickup, custom humbucking bridge pickup and a thin, 24-fret neck for the upcoming shredders. All of this and a gig bag included!

B-Stock EC-1000 - $699.99

ESP's EC series is similar to a classic LP body style. This particular deluxe model has all the fixings of a gorgeous instrument. The mother of pearl inlays are matched with a lining around the top of the guitar and along the perimeter of the neck while complimented by gold hardware. The neck on this is so smooth and plays exceptionally well on fast riffs. The EMG 81/60 combo is a great match for this because it keeps everything you play nicely driven, yet clear.

B-Stock RB-1004SM Rocco Prestia Signature - $999.99

Straying from the heavy side of things, ESP has created a signature bass for funk legend, Francis "Rocco" Prestia. This bass is as unique as his playing style with the "Splat Maple" finish, Grover tuners, Gotoh bridge and beautiful five-piece maple and walnut neck. The equipped Aguilar pickups ensure it sounds just a good as it looks. Each of these guitars, along with any new or B-stock ESP guitars include a 90-day warranty. This is only a taste of what we've got, so be sure to check out the rest here. As always, enjoy FAST and FREE shipping on any order in the continental US. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to give us a toll free call at 855-269-0474, or stop in our store in Downtown Appleton! Be sure to check out our other articles here.

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