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Nord Electro 5 - Shockingly Awesome! -

at40_0001_models-electro-5d-73_1_ The Nord Electro 5 is officially out. I won't bore you with words, instead I'm embedding Nord's Soundcloud player below, which sells this awesome new line better than my words could. We currently have stock of the Electro 5D 61, and the Electro 5D 73. These are back ordered all over the place, and our supplies are very limited. Give us a call if you're in the market, and we'll even cut you a good deal. Want an even better deal? We have a very small number of Electro 4's left and they are on sale! Stop down at our store if you want to test drive them! Check out all of our Electro keyboards here.    

PS: Check out the Tube Clav 2 sample! Sounds amazing!! electro5d61

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