New Arrivals - AKG and JBL

New Arrivals - AKG and JBL

Since the very beginning of Pixel Pro Audio, we have been selling used gear from AKG. They are one of the staple microphone brands in studios across the world. We also recently got our hands on the JBL 305P monitors and realized we had to have them! In today's article, we'll show you some of our favorites of each that just arrived and are ready to ship to your door.

AKG D112 MKII - $199.00

If you have ever seen a drum kit mic'd up, then you have probably seen this microphone (or it's predecessor (the D112), or that mic's predecessor (the D12)) on the kick drum. It has a great amount of slap and sounds awesome right off the bat. One of the very special parts of this microphone is that it handles EQ very well. For us hard rock and metal engineers, scooping mids and adding in some high end are essential. That is why the D112 remains a core piece in recording drums.

JBL Powered Monitors - 305P/306P/308P

Pictured above, you will see the best monitors you can buy in their price range. The 3 Series from JBL is the most recommended series of mixing speakers due to the value of what you pay versus what you get. We can attest to this because we have a pair setup in our store and they hold their own against speakers three times their price! There are three different models, the 305P ($298/pair), the 306P ($398/pair) and the 308P ($498/pair). What makes these monitors so great (other than the price) is the amount of clarity and detailed imaging they deliver. This is possible with the Image Control WaveGuide cone that encases the tweeter. This is the exact same technology JBL implements in their $20,000 mastering speaker systems. In essence, it makes the sound waves travel in certain directions to give you a flatter frequency response no matter what room you're in. That is something that no other studio monitor technology can do!

AKG K240 Studio - $69.00

The K240 Studio headphones have been around since 1975. They are an extremely affordable and accurate monitoring headphone. This is due to the semi-open back design. When we hear sounds in the natural world, there is air and space between the source and our ears. Closed back headphones are great for isolation, but can't give as natural a response due to that lack of space. Open back and semi-open back (like the K240) allow the sound to breathe a little bit, bringing accuracy and realism back to the table. These headphones have very detailed highs and mids that work great for studio use. I would not recommend this headphone if you want big, thumping bass though. The bass is accurate, but definitely not "fun" to listen to. Its design is meant for accurate reproduction without hyping any ranges. If you need a great mixing or monitoring headphone on a budget, the K240 is by far your best option.

AKG P170 - $99.00

Throughout the years, we have sold many used AKG C451 microphones. They have been a studio standard on overheads, acoustic guitar, room mics etc, because of their extremely flat frequency response. That makes them a great choice for many situations. However, they are not easy to come by. A pair of C451's will run you a cool $800 if they are in decent condition. AKG decided that they were going to create a small diaphragm condenser to be an affordable alternative to their legendary C451, and the P170 was born. Coming in at only $99 per microphone, this is a great option for the home or project studio that wants something similar to the C451 at less than half the price.

JBL EON - $999.00

The EON is JBL's all-in-one portable masterpiece. There are a few companies doing something similar to this, but none have surpassed the JBL design. It has a built-in mixer featuring 2 microphone preamps with 2-band EQ and dedicated reverb control for each channel. It also has 2 stereo channels for keyboard inputs, instrument inputs, RCA inputs and even Bluetooth connectivity. What makes this stand out amongst the crowd is the speaker array in the high speaker section. Typical configurations like this would only allow the audience directly in front of the speaker to hear an accurate reproduction of the source, and all other positions in the room would sound much darker and unclear. Using their patent-pending speaker configuration, the reproduction of the high end is much more leveled throughout the entire room giving everyone the same sound from almost all angles. We have a lot in stock from JBL and AKG, but these are out favorites, so be sure to check out the rest! As always, enjoy FAST and FREE shipping on any order in the continental US. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to give us a toll free call at 855-269-0474, or stop in our store in Downtown Appleton! Be sure to check out our other articles here.

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