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JoeMeek 500 Series Coming Next Week!

meek500We just found out from JoeMeek that their 500 series modules will be in our hands next week! The new line consists of a Mic Preamp, Meequalizer, and Compressor. Each module comes in at a very affordable $299.99 street price. That's a great deal, especially considering some of the advanced features and components they're using on these modules. The Mic Preamp comes equipped with a De-Esser, Low Cut filter, and a high quality Cinemag input transformer. The Compressor features their famous optical compressor, which is something that everyone should have in their rack. It gives you warm, natural sounding compression. Optical compression is a rare feature in a 500 series module, especially at this price point. Rounding out the trio is the Meequalizer. We're very excited to have a standalone Meequalizer in our rack again. It's been a long time since JoeMeek produced a standalone EQ, and again the Meequalizer has a one of a kind, warm, colorful sound, that you just don't find on any other EQ. All in all, we think that the price, combined with the uniqueness of these modules is well worth taking a look at. These are the type of modules that people look for in the 500 series format. We should have them in stock and listed on our website next Friday!

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