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Gear Spotlight- SM Pro Audio Passive 1, B Stock + More

Check out our line up of SM Pro Audio gear. We have a lot of great monitor controllers, 500 racks, and other unique gear from SM Pro Audio now available online and in our store. We also put a bunch of Focusrite, Novation, and Fostex B Stock gear up for sale on our website as well. If that's not enough, we put tons of used gear up, including some highly sought after pieces that usually sell out quickly, like the Yamaha NS-10M studio monitors.     smpro_0039_passive1_hires_1 NEW - SM Pro Audio Passive 1 Monitor Controller - $249.99 The M-PATCH PASSIVE-1 accommodates four input sources (3 x stereo analog and 1 x USB) and three stereo analog outputs plus USB. In addition to the core functionality of providing seamless A/B switching between input signals and output speaker monitor systems, the PASSIVE-1 delivers a full complement of audio monitoring functions, including precision volume control, mono summing, mute, and dim (ducking). A handy footswitch-activated talk-back function, complete with on-board condenser microphone and selectable routing, has also been integrated, making the PASSIVE-1 the ideal low-cost solution for a broad range of studio production applications.   smpro_0000_juicerack8_hires2 NEW - SM Pro Audio Juice Rack 8 - $699.99 JuiceRack 8 is a 19” rack-mount power source designed to house up to eight 500-series modules in a vertical configuration. The rear panel sports eight slots of balanced XLR inputs and outputs along with eight slots of unbalanced 1/4” inputs and outputs. A 48V phantom power switch is located on the front of the rack for easy access. Like the JuiceRack3, the JuiceRack8 boasts rugged, all-metal construction, is designed to be fully compatible with the 500-series format, and features the uniquely powerful and flexible onboard signal routing: FEED – Send the audio output of one module into another LINK1 – Split a single balanced input and send it to multiple modules simultaneously LINK2 – Split a single unbalanced input and send it to multiple modules simultaneously   b25283-4 Focusrite/Novation/Fostex B Stock Deals - Great Deals! We've got lots of great deals, ranging from the Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, to the Novation Impulse 49, and tons of stuff in between. s26503-2 USED - Lexicon PCM-70 - $624.99 The Lexicon PCM70 is a studio standard reverb and effects processor that you'll find in most professional recording studios. It has a sound that can't be duplicated with a plugin. It's still one of the best reverbs you can get for your recording studio.   s26629-2 USED - Yamaha NS-10M Pair - $699.99 The NS-10M's are STILL the studio standard. There will be a pair of these in nearly every studio you walk in. This is why they are so popular. If you're learning to mix, or just want to make great mixes, it's best to learn on these. Why? Because every studio you walk in will have these speakers. So if you know the sound of the NS10M, you can go anywhere and mix. Plus, when you get a mix sounding good on NS10M's, they tend to sound great on other speakers.    
Disclaimer:  Prices are subject to change. With most used items we usually only have one or two in stock. If you see something you like you should buy it before someone else does. Our used inventory changes very rapidly. Hundreds of items are sold and listed every week, so check back often! If you see something in stock, it REALLY is. When something sells out on our website, be it a new or used piece of equipment, it immediately goes out of stock and can't be purchased by another buyer. It's one of the many great advantages to shopping with Pixel Pro Audio.

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