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Focusrite Huge Bundle Deals and More!

May brings you more deals! This month we have some really great deals on Focusrite bundles. For May only you can get $150 off when you purchase either a Saffire Pro 40 and Octopre MKII together, or a Scarlett 18i20 and Octopre MKII together. If that wasn't good enough, we're also bundling in two free Hosa Optical cables to hook it all up. You have everything you need to start doing 16 ins and outs for $849.99. That's a killer deal for a 16 input setup with awesome mic preamps and converters on each channel. If you are trying to decide which bundle is for you, the big difference between the two is the way they interface with your computer. If you have a firewire connection, the Saffire Pro 40 bundle is what you need. If you have USB 2.0 then the Scarlett 18i20 bundle is the answer.  To be honest either package is very easy to recommend. Our customers love the sound quality and features packed into these excellent interfaces. You get professional quality results for an extremely great price. Supplies are very limited!   Focusrite 18i20 plus Octopre MKII plus 2 Free Optical Cables - 849.99 scarlett-18i20-octo   Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 plus Octopre MKII plus 2 Free Optical Cables - $849.99 saffirepro40-octo   Need something with fewer inputs and still want a deal? The Focusrite 2i4 is also on sale this month for $174.99. focusrite-2i4-red   Lastly we have the Novation Launchpad S on sale for $124.99. As soon as we put these on sale this morning we sold out in minutes. We have a whole bunch more incoming next week. If you want to reserve one, just give us a call and we'll take your order and it'll ship next week. _0004_launchpad_s_elevated_front

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