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Clarett 4Pre Shipping Soon!


Focusrite is about to release the brand new Clarett 4Pre. Its predecessors, the 2Pre, 8Pre and the 8PreX have already made a huge impact in the market of thunderbolt interfaces. For starters, it looks and sounds amazing. The new, brushed metal face with metal gain knobs look and feel great. Similar to the Scarlett line, Focusrite kept the Gain Halo's to monitor levels of the preamps. I think this is a very good feature because it stands out more than a meter.  As you can see, next to the gain knobs is an LED with "Air" underneath it. That is a software controlled preamp enhancer that blends the sound of the classic Focusrite preamps with the renowned sonic qualities of the ISA preamp. This feature is one of the highlights about the Clarett line. These are some of the best preamps you can get already built into an interface. 4pre_0002_clarett_4pre_rear Another very impressive and useful feature is the ability to track at 24-bit/192k sample rate with less than a half of a millisecond of latency while using virtually any plugin in real time. That is something that no other interface can do. There are a few others who have the ability to process audio using a select amount of plugins from that manufacturer. Focusrite changed all that. Currently, Focusrite is working on Windows support for the Clarett line. Soon, the 4Pre could be the heart of virtually any studio. Clarett_4PreX_Studio_v1 As always, free shipping on any order in the continental US. Give us a call at 855-269-0474 or stop in our store in downtown Appleton if you're looking for a great deal. Pre-order your Clarett 4Pre today!

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