Yamaha MT8X Analog Cassette Multi-track Tape Recorder

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This used Yamaha MT8X Multitrack Recorder is missing one of the pan knobs and comes with the Power Cable and a Cassette Tape.


This recorder has one pan pot that is missing, but you can still twist it with your fingertip. It is in good condition with normal cosmetic wear, everything has been fully tested, every track works perfectly, the unit works great, and it sounds excellent. Please see pictures for details on item condition. Only what is pictured is included.

Product Details

The MT8X Multitrack Cassette Recorder is a powerful recording tool that will enable you to work with sound in many ways. No other multitrack cassette recorder offers the straightforward simplicity and ease-of-use of the MT8X. Whether you need to record acoustic instruments or voice using microphones, electronic instruments and line-level sources, or a creative blend of the two, the MT8X makes the process of building tracks extraordinarily smooth and simple.

You can simply record and remix eight tracks, or use the multitrack "ping-pong" recording technique to individually record many independent parts adding sound layer by layer until you create the exact arrangement and texture your imagination demands.

With its ability to record on all eight tracks, or in any combination, MT8X is the ideal choice for recording bands or layering tracks at home. and, because it's a Yamaha, you know that the MT8X will give you the very finest sound quality and overall performance available.