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Trident Audio Hi-LO 500-Series Dynamic Tracking Filters Module Analog Adaptive Filtering Circuit

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Trident Audio Hi-LO 500-Series Dynamic Tracking Filters Module Analog Adaptive Filtering Circuit


This is a Special Order item which usually take 3-4 weeks for order fulfillment. We will provide you with a delivery estimate in 1 business day. We are an authorized dealer.

The Trident Hi-Lo, an adaptive Hi-Cut/Lo-Cut frequency filtering module that responds dynamically to program material, providing a high degree of control and signal enhancement, unavailable in any modern-day 500 series package.

Hi-Lo Peak Indicators
The Trident Hi-Lo includes LED peak indicators on the outputs of both the Hi-Cut filter section and the Lo-Cut filter section. Since the filters are in series (the Hi-Cut circuitry before the Lo-Cut), the Hi-Cut Peak LED monitors the Hi-Cut filter stage only, and the Lo-Cut Peak LED monitors to signal thru both stages, and as such, the output of the unit. This gives the most flexibility for clip monitoring in the unit. The Output of the Hi-Lo can drive approximately 27.5 dB into a 600 Ohm load. The clip levels are approximately 12 dB below the actual signal Clip (so we have this occur at +16dBu) and allow for tweaks in resonance which may exceed that but allow for headroom after the clip indicator has just reached active.

It should also be noted, that if neither the Hi-Cut or Lo-Cut switches are enabled, the peak LED indicators are actively monitoring the incoming signal level.

Dynamic Linking Linked Stereo Tracking
The Trident Hi-Lo module also offers the option of linked stereo tracking when paired with a second Trident Hi-Lo module. Ordinarily, most 500 Series racks offer paired slots by default. The Trident Hi-Lo provides an on-board stereo link switch (S9) for use in this instance. With both modules, stereo link switches selected to on, and the modules fitted in the pre-paired slots, the modules are now paired together.

By enabling both Hi-Lo modules TRACK SIGNAL switches, and setting the FREQUENCY controls to identical positions, the left and right signals are now summed together, and the automatic tracking follows both the left and right signal sources.

When using a 500 Series rack with selectable stereo pairing on the rear of the rack, such as with the Trident Deca-Dent, by releasing the on-board stereo link switches, both modules can be used as separate mono units without the need to access the rear of the rack.

API Radial Workhorse
An onboard jumper is available for use when the Trident Hi-Lo is used in conjunction with the API Radial Workhorse. When selected, this allows the Hi-Lo to send its output to the Workhorse mix bus (pin 11), which is fed to the Workhorse mixer section. This can be used in conjunction with the on-board stereo link switch, thus enabling stereo use on the Workhorse.

Up to 48dB Per Octave Slope (Wired In Series)
When two Hi-Lo modules are connected in series, slopes of 12, 24, 36, and 48dB can be achieved, in any combination, by selecting the appropriate SLOPE buttons on the front of each Hi-Lo module. For example, by engaging both of the Hi-Lo modules Hi-Cut filters, and setting both modules to 24dB slope, the program material will be subject to a 48dB slope. By adjusting one of the Hi-Cut filters to 12dB, the program material will be subject to a 36dB slope.

The introduction of a third Hi-Lo in series with the first two Hi-Lo modules, would provide for yet steeper slopes, again in increments of 12dB. If fact, because they can be connected in series, you're only limited by the number of Hi-Lo's that you have to hand.


  • Dynamic Tracking
  • Hi-Cut FREQUENCY control from 75Hz to 24kHz
  • Lo-Cut FREQUENCY control from 15Hz to 16kHz
  • Selectable SLOPE between 12 and 24dB
  • 36dB and 48dB Slopes using 2 units wired in series
  • Hi-Cut variable RESONANCE control up to +12dB
  • Lo-Cut variable RESONANCE control up to +12dB
  • Selectable Hi-Cut dynamic noise reduction tracking
  • Selectable Lo-Cut dynamic noise reduction tracking
  • Hi-Cut PEAKING indicator
  • Output level PEAKING indicator
  • Option for SERIES LINKING Hi-Lo modules
  • Option for STEREO LINKING Hi-Lo modules

What's Included

  • Trident Audio Hi-LO 500-Series Dynamic Tracking Filters Module

Warranty Period

3 Years

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