sE Electronics SE8 Stereo Pair Bundle with 2 XLR Cables & 2 Mic Stands

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sE Electronics SE8 Stereo Pair Bundle with 2 XLR Cables & 2 Mic Stands

Save $89.88 with this exclusive bundle from Pixel Pro Audio.

This bundle includes the sE Electronics SE8 Factory Matched Stereo Pair of Microphones, two (2) 20-foot XLR Cables, and two (2) On-Stage MS7701B Euro Boom Mic Stands.

Here's a look at what you'll get with this bundle:

sE Electronics SE8 Microphone Factory Matched Stereo Pair with Mounting Bar, Clips, Windscreens, and Case
Matched pair of SE8 small diaphragm condenser mics. Includes 2 clips and wind screens. (Full Retail Package)

(2) Professional 20-foot XLR Cable
Professional balanced cable with nickel plated male XLR to female XLR connectors for durability. This microphone cable is flexible, durable, and perfect for every application.

(2) On-Stage MS7701B Euro Boom Mic Stand - Black
This Euro Boom boasts a hybrid sheet metal and composite leg housing, making it virtually unbreakable.

Get more for your setup with this exclusive bundle from Pixel Pro Audio.

Additional Product Details:

Fit for any challenges in the studio or on stage, the sE8 is a brand new high-performance handcrafted small-diaphragm condenser, fresh from the labs at sE.

Its new hand-made capsule implements a sophisticated backplate design that provides a perfectly balanced sound, so it's never harsh or aggressive - perfect for sources like high-hats and drum overheads.

It's also one of the quietest small-capsule mics on the planet - and with the highest dynamic range and SPL handling in its class, along with attenuation pads and low-cut filters for superb flexibility, the sE8 is ready for any sounds you’re making, whether in the studio environment or demanding on-stage applications.

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