Open Box Digitech Whammy (5th Gen) 2-Mode Pitch-shift Effect Pedal

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This is an open box Digitech Whammy (5th Gen) 2-Mode Pitch-shift Effect Pedal.


This is an open box customer return. This item has minimal wear and comes with all of the original accessories, but the packaging has wear from opening.

Product Details

The legendary Whammy pedal is the premier pitch-shifting pedal for any guitarist's board, and it only gets better with time. In addition to the classic Whammy sound, we've added chordal Whammy pitch-shifting and true bypass.

Whammy artists have won over 60 Grammys® using its unique pitch-shifting sound to enhance their music. Its songs echo the hallways of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame® and generate acclaim on over 700 million albums around the world. There is no doubt why Whammy is one of the most common sights on guitarists' pedalboards.

The Whammy can bring new depth to your artistry. Turn your solo into raging, rebellious screams of tone or tame your crowd with highly expressive, ambient chordal bends. Energize your audience with a scratchy note frenzy, bring them in and out of the sound tunnel with musical bursts, or carry them through an existential exploration of full-fretboard pitch translation. The Whammy puts expression into the expression pedal.

Don't be the last guitarist without a Whammy! The iPB-10 unleashes the ability to create and control guitar effects like never before.


  • MIDI In for Remote Control of Whammy Effects - The Whammy DT features a MIDI input for receiving incoming MIDI data. MIDI messages can select a Whammy or Drop Tune effect and set whether these effects are in an active or bypassed state. MIDI CC messages can then be used to control the Whammy Expression Pedal position.
  • Included Power Supply - The Whammy comes with a PS0913DC DC Power Supply.
  • Whammy Pitch Bending Effects - The Digitech Whammy brings you the same hair-raising "dive bomb" effects, gripping pitch bends and lightning harmony shifts you are looking for plus a few new twists. Bend entire chords with the new chordal pitch shifting setting, and execture classic single note bends.
  • Classic Whammy Interface - The Whammy interface features the same legacy Whammy pitch bending options you're accustomed to along with some additional pitch bend settings from the Whammy DT.
  • Classic/Chords Switch - The added Classic/Chords switch toggles between single note and chordal Whammy modes, providing rock solid pitch shifting effects.
  • True Bypass Operation - With true bypass circuitry, the Whammy is completely bypassed when both Whammy and Drop Tune effects are off.

What's Included

  • 1 x DigiTech Whammy
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • 1 x Owner's Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card

Warranty Period

1 Year

Authorized Reseller

Pixel Pro Audio is an authorized Digitech dealer.

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