MXL R144 Multi-Purpose Ribbon Microphone

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MXL R144 Multi-Purpose Ribbon Microphone

Ribbon microphones are known for their rich, warm sound and have been used to capture some of the most legendary recordings in history. The R144 ribbon microphone delivers a naturally organic sound with incredibly smooth characteristics. The R144 microphone has a figure-8 polar pattern which is perfect for recording guitars, vocals, brass, and any source material that benefits from the warm, silky characteristics of a ribbon mic. The R144 includes a black shock-mount, carrying case, and cleaning cloth. After you experience the R144 for the first time, it will expand your sonic palate and be a valuable addition to your microphone collection.

For those in need of overhead and room solutions for Drums/Strings/Pianos and more, pair 2 R144s to make a stereo pair that will add character to any setup.

  • Classic ribbon mic, perfect for adding character and dimensions to a variety of sources
  • High SPL capabilities – ideal for drums, guitar, and horns
  • Dynamic expansion to any microphone collection

What's Included

  • MXL R144
  • Black Shockmount
  • Carrying Case
  • Cleaning Cloth

Warranty Period

1 Year

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