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Lewitt LCT 940 Multi-pattern Tube/FET Microphone

Brand: LewittSKU: SP-NLEW001Condition: Special Order


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About this Product

This is a brand new Lewitt LCT 940 Tube/FET Microphone.

Brand new.

Product Details:
The LCT 940 unifies the characteristics of a premium FET condenser microphone and a top-notch tube microphone. Blend both circuits at any ratio and find your ideal mix of warmth and precision.

Your studio FET and tube mic in the same housing
The LCT 940 unifies the specific characteristics of a premium large diaphragm FET condenser microphone and a top-notch tube microphone.

With "Tube" you get warmth and musical harmonics, while "FET" gives you clear and nuanced sound. Blend tube and FET circuit at any ratio and find your ideal mix.

Blend two sound characteristics at any ratio
By using the AMPLIFICATION knob, you can mix the two distinct microphone circuits, FET and tube circuit at any ratio to find your sweet spot.

This way you can dial in the ideal combination of warmth, punch, and clarity. Works brilliantly to adapt the LCT 940 to different voices.

The LC10 capsule is precision taken to a new level
The externally polarized dual-diaphragm 1" capsule captures every nuance of your performance thanks to its 3-micron-thin, gold-layered, low-mass diaphragms. It handles everything from vocals to full orchestras.

Dual triode 12AX7 tube for rich harmonics
For the tube circuit, the LCT 940 uses a dual triode 12AX7 tube to create that warm and comforting sound with smooth high frequencies while still preserving the ability to cut through the mix.

Remote control and power supply in one
The user interface on the remote control with integrated power supply allows a quick setup of polar pattern, pre-attenuation, and low-cut. It is easy to check or change the settings even in complete darkness due to its illuminated user interface.

  • 1" multi-pattern tube and FET microphone in one
  • Blend tube and FET circuit at any ratio
  • 12AX7 tube for rich harmonics
  • Remote control and power supply in one
  • Multi-pattern design
  • Incl. shock mount, windscreen, mil-spec transport case, 11-pin XLR cable

What's Included:

  • LCT 940 - Tube microphone
  • LCT 940 PSU - Remote control and power supply
  • LCT 40 Wxx - Windscreen
  • LCT 40 SHxx - Shock mount
  • LCT 40 Tr - 11-pin XLR cable
  • LCT 50 Cxx - Mil-spec transport case

We are an authorized Lewitt dealer.

Warranty Period:
2 Years

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