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Heritage Audio Tubesessor Optical Tube Compressor

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Heritage Audio Tubesessor Optical Tube Compressor


This is a Special Order item which usually take 3-4 weeks for order fulfillment. We will provide you with a delivery estimate in 1 business day. We are an authorized dealer.

TUBESESSOR is the ideal optical tube compressor for when you absolutely need the sweetest, warmest most natural dynamic control possible, but also want the ability to spice it up on occasion.

The tube-driven opto-compressor difference
Tube compression, especially that based on an optical design, is generally considered to be warmer than VCA and FET designs, and it tends to provide a pleasant, natural, and smooth result. This has made it the preferred choice for seasoned engineers and producers that want to provide a very transparent control over a signal while offering a hint of enhancement but keeping true to the original tone. For this very reason optical tube compressors are usually the first thing one reaches for when dealing with critical vocals and bass signals. The TUBESESSOR is the perfect option for this.

Tube saturation control
The innovative TUBE SATURATION section takes full advantage of a creamy sounding NOS Raytheon double triode tube to add in just a pinch of aggression or fully transform the signal into something ready for war. It, importantly, works in tandem with the custom output transformer to produce the right harmonic content. There are 4 available settings that vary from CLASSIC, no saturation, all the way to HOT, a heavily treated signal. This feature alone opens up a ton of possibilities for drums and other instruments vastly expanding the TUBESESSOR´S uses.

Sidechain filters
Furthermore, there are five internal sidechain filter settings to choose from. This is the exact same filter section that helped the SUCCESSOR obtain its legendary status. Two of the options ensure the compressor is not being unfairly overpowered by lower frequencies, and the other three are frequency-specific options for extra creativity.


  • Optical Compression Detection
  • All Tube-Based Amplification Stage
  • Fully Transformer Balanced Input & Output
  • Tube Saturation Section
  • Large Friendly Interface
  • Extensive Attack & Release Control
  • 5 Built-In Sidechain Filtering Options
  • Huge Informative VU Meter
  • Built Like A Tank

What's Included

  • Power Cable
  • Manual

Warranty Period

1 Year

Authorized Reseller

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