Hawk Native American Style ProLine Flute w/ Bear Totem in E-Minor Aromatic Cedar

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Hawk Native American Style ProLine Flute w/ Bear Totem in E-Minor Aromatic Cedar

This is a brand new Hawk Native American Style flute, handcrafted by Dennis Hawk. A free online lesson with Dennis Hawk is included with the purchase of this flute.

Please note: These are pictures of the actual flute listed for sale, so you can see the beauty of the exact instrument you will receive.

The ProLine Flute is made from aromatic cedar which is a harder wood than white cedar and therefore gives a brighter sound. This flute is a collaboration between Dennis Hawk and Jimmy Davis. Jimmy Davis is a Native American flute-maker from North Carolina who has a great reputation in his own right. Jimmy and Dennis teamed up on this project to give you the most professional sounding flute available in today's market. The sound mechanism of the ProLine flute is done "southern style" and cooks up a powerhouse sound. You will love the ProLine Flute for recording or on stage. But don't discount it for personal use as well. If you back off the force of air that you blow into the flute, it can become as soft and mellow as the meditation flute.

Cedar Wood
In choosing wood for his flutes Dennis followed the industry standard for guitars. He is a guitar player so it seemed to make sense to him. So he has used cedar for his flutes because of the warm sound it creates. He also chose cedar because it is considered sacred by many Native American tribes in the US. As Dennis' wife's cousin, Native American flute player, Bill Miller told Dennis: "Don't forget that the Native American Flute is a sacred instrument." This was later re-enforced by Lakota elder and teacher, Basil Braveheart. Basil would have Dennis play his flutes at the end of a healing ceremony. He reminded Dennis that the Native American Flute is like the sacred pipe, it sends a voice to Creator "with prayers too deep for words."

This new line of flutes will initially be offered in two keys, E minor pentatonic and A minor pentatonic. The E minor flute has a deep rich tone and is considered a bass flute. The A minor flute has a higher and brighter sound and it is easier to play for people with smaller hands because the sound holes are closer together.

The totem, beyond being decorative, is designed to channel the air. There are four different totems to choose from: eagle, wolf, buffalo and bear. These symbolize the four primary directions, eagle = east; wolf = south; buffalo = west and bear = north. Eagle represents vision, wolf symbolizes family, buffalo is strength and bear is the healer. But for yourself, which animal is most important to you and do you identify with the most?

The lacquer does not touch your lips! Your flute does not need special care. Each flute is treated with a European lacquer that gives it a luster that parallels the sound. A new feature on the new models is the blow hole at the end of the flute that touches your mouth. That part of the flute has been burned with a wood burner and treated with bee's wax so that you are not exposing your lips to lacquer. It also adds a nice classy and unique look to your flute.

About Dennis Hawk
Dennis Hawk has crafted and sold more than a thousand Native American Style flutes over that past 35 years. His mentor, Menomonee flute-maker, Louis Webster said told him, "Dennis, follow the voice of the flute!" He has been following that voice ever since. Crafting and playing Native American flutes has become a constant passion and challenging teacher for Dennis. Louis, has since crossed over but Dennis says this: "What a beautiful journey you launched for me Louis! Count me forever grateful!"

What's Included

  • Hawk Native American Style ProLine Flute with Bear Totem in E-Minor
  • An online lesson with Dennis Hawk

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