DBX 120X Subharmonic Synthesizer

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This used DBX 120X Subharmonic Synthesizer comes with an attached Power Cable.


This unit is in very good condition with normal cosmetic wear, has been fully tested, and works great. Please see pictures for details on item condition.

Product Details

The dbx 120X samples the bass waveshape between 55 and 110Hz and synthesizes a new waveform exactly an octave below the bass in the original audio. The front panel display details the bass content of the newly synthesized bass.

The dbx process produces smooth, musical low frequencies that don't interfere with mid and high-band information, even when maximum synthesis and boost are applied. The result is a low-end punch that people really feel.

The 120X can be used as an active crossover with or without the Subharmonic Synthesizer functionality. The FULL RANGE/HIGH FREQUENCY ONLY button on the rear panel controls whether the line level out contains the low frequency content. Separate LOW FREQUENCY OUT line level connections are provided for a dedicated low frequency signal.