Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-550 Drum Machine

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This used Dr. Rhythm DR-550 Drum Machine does not include any additional accessories.


This drum machine is in very good condition with normal cosmetic wear, has been fully tested and works great. This unit can be powered via a Power Adapter (not included) or batteries (not included). Please see pictures for details on item condition. Only what is pictured is included.

Product Details

The DR-550 is equipped with a PCM sound source that provides 16-bit dynamic range. With 48 different types of high quality sounds, the unit fits in readily with any genre of music, whether it be rock, pop, dance, rap, or whatever. Any desired changes in sounds can be made by altering the settings for Tone Color. Decay, Assign Type, Level, Accent Follow, and Pan. Moreover, a single sound can be assigned to multiple key pads, with each carrying different settings so you have a full spectrum represented for the sound. In addition to 64 preset patterns, another 64 original rhythm patterns (programmable patterns) can be created.

Songs can be made by joining rhythm patterns. (maximum of 160 measures per song) Up to 8 such songs can be created. Moreover, by chaining songs together, a maximum of 1 ,280 measures (160 measures x 8 songs) can be played in succession. The DR-550 is also equipped with a MIDI IN connector, so it can be played while synchronized with a sequencer, or can be used as an extra sound module in tandem with another rhythm machine. It also has a tape interface, allowing for storage of performance data on audio cassette tapes.

The DR-550 also includes an output jack that can be used in mono or stereo with 1/4" connectors, as well as an 1/8" headphone jack for monitoring.

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