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Black Lion Audio Revolution EXP Expander 8x8 AD/DA Converter

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Black Lion Audio Revolution EXP Expander 8x8 AD/DA Converter

Beyond what you expect from an audio interface.

The Revolution 6x6 is an all-purpose studio dynamo that can serve as a master clock, a standalone DAC and ADC, a master clock, and a 6-in, 6-out class-compliant USB interface with audio quality worthy of the Revolution name. Enjoy world-class clocking and low-noise conversion while tracking to the included Studio One Artist. Use the USB OTG connection to sample audio from your phone or tablet… or send audio from your laptop to your mobile device and stream your performance live online. Sync your other hardware devices via our proprietary Macro-MMC clocking - all while treating your music with the highest audio quality imaginable.

Audio interfaces don’t sound better than this.
Revolution 6x6 is a class-compliant, bus-powered USB audio interface with industry-leading signal quality based on Black Lion’s years of experience in audio interface modification. Record anything thanks to balanced XLR, line-level, and instrument-level input options. Connect pro studio monitors or use its two plenty-loud, crystal-clear, mono-summable headphone outputs with direct monitoring mix control. Integrate external gear via the S/PDIF connection and USB OTG.

We’ve put everything we’ve learned about interfaces from years of boutique modding into the Revolution 6x6… as we like to say, it’s modded out of the box for crystal-clear audio that will move you and your fans. Rarified tech found in Revolution 6x6 includes the Macro-MMC clock for maximum converter quality, yielding reduced jitter and enhanced harmonics for a glossy, airy top-end you won’t hear in lesser interfaces. Proprietary PG-i filtering technology and highly-filtered power rails work with full-circuit power decoupling to further reduce noise contamination. And for the best possible capture and playback, Revolution 6x6 sports the most cutting edge, high-end ICs and Vishay, Nichicon, and Wima capacitors throughout with all internal gain-staging optimized for the best possible signal-to-noise ratio. Last but not least, all analog I/O is fully decoupled and balanced - right to the very core of the converter!

Standalone mode for DAC and ADC use.
Not every studio task requires a computer. The Revolution 6x6’s DAC, word clock, and D/A conversion features can all be used without a computer; just press and hold the "Standalone" button. Hook up your media player via S/PDIF and enjoy good old-fashioned hi-fi listening with good new-fashioned hi-fi conversion, or add two additional output channels from another audio interface or digital mixer.

Many MPCs, synths, and guitar processors also have S/PDIF, which will often deliver better sound than using their onboard converters.

For recording, connect any guitar processor with a S/PDIF output and enjoy high-quality D/A conversion of your custom guitar tones. You can even connect Revolution 6x6 to your computer over USB for hi-fi listening by bypassing the questionable converters in your old laptop. Use S/PDIF to add two channels to an audio interface or digital mixer, all synchronized by the same master clock over BNC.

As a standalone A/D converter, you’ll add two superior channels of Black Lion-converted audio over S/PDIF to your existing recording setup - and you won’t have to buy an ADAT expander.

Get mobile with USB On-The-Go.
USB On-the-Go connectivity gives the Revolution 6x6 2-in, 2-out connectivity with Android and Apple mobile devices. It’s perfect for livestreamers and mobile musicians who record to or stream from phones and tablets. Connect two USB devices to the Revolution 6x6 simultaneously and send audio to and from either. Sample from your phone to your laptop, or livestream an iPad performance from your phone… the possibilities are endless!

Shocking clocking.
The Macro-MMC (Master Music Clock) in Revolution 6x6 was developed from our experience creating dedicated word clocks, as well as modifying many embedded clocks found in other recording interfaces. Macro-MMC ensures the best possible performance from its converters, but also allows you to connect external gear via the BNC connections for maximum sync and ultra-low jitter - meaning any devices synced via Macro-MMC are communicating as accurately as possible to minimize the phase distortions that can muddy your high-end and dull your transients.

If you’ve already invested in a clock you like, that’s fine - the Revolution 6x6 graciously accepts clock in.

All the software tools you need, included.
The Revolution Software Suite covers all of your software needs so you can start creating from day one. You’ll record straight into the award-winning Studio One Artist, of course… and we’ve also included select plugins from Izotope, Psychic Modulation, Brainworx, and Lindell:

  • PreSonus Studio One Artist: Recording and music production DAW
  • Izotope Elements Suite: Nectar, Neutron, Ozone and RX for tone-shaping, mastering, and repair
  • Psychic Modulation EchoMelt3: BPM-based modulation and echo
  • BrainWorx bx_digital: Mid/side EQ with filter and de-ess options
  • Lindell 6X500: Colorful preamp model with two-band EQ


  • More than a 6x6 audio interface - it’s also a word clock, DAC, and ADC with USB OTG support and standalone mode
  • Modded out of the box - all of Black Lion Audio's famous interface mods are built-in
  • 2 preamps, 2 analog outputs, 2 analog inputs, S/PDIF I/O, and word clock I/O
  • USB OTG for mobile device-based production and mobile streaming
  • Incredible internal clocking with "Macro-MMC" clocking technology
  • High-end Vishay, Nichicon, and Wima capacitors, Melf resistors, and high-end ICs for an incredibly low noise floor
  • Includes PreSonus Studio One Artist, as well as plug-ins from Izotope, Brainworx, Psychic Modulation, and Lindell
  • All inputs and outputs are fully decoupled and balanced in a way only seen in high-end equipment
  • Internal "PG-i" technology reduces noise contamination from external equipment

What's Included

  • Black Lion Audio Revolution EXP 8x8

Warranty Period

3 Years

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