As Is Tascam Porta 03 Ministudio Analog Cassette Tape Recorder

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As Is Tascam Porta 03 Ministudio Analog Cassette Tape Recorder

This broken Tascam Porta03 Ministudio is non-functional - the audio path is very low, and the tape does not play, ff, or rw.. It does not include a power supply or any accessores.


This recorder is nonfunctional. The audio path is very low, the tape transports do not work, and it is missing all of the knobs, faders, and power supply which is required for operation. This unit is being sold AS IS - For Parts Only! NO Returns will be accepted on this unit. Please see pictures for details on item condition - only what is pictured is included.

Product Details (For Working Units Only)

The Tascam Porta03 MiniStudio is a compact, easy-to-use 4-track recorder that is perfect for entry-level recording. It also gives you that vintage, classic recording style for the professional multi-track musician.

The Porta03 allows you to record up to 4 tracks on cassettes using the same principle as larger studios–taking inputs into a mixer’s channels, feeding them into a recorder which can record tracks independently of each other, and building up the song by recording new tracks while listening to what has been recorded before monitoring.

It has a 4-channel mixer including level and pan controls on each.

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