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Arturia Augmented Voices VST Instrument - Digital Download

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Product Details

Augmented VOICES uniquely fuses detailed vocal samples with modern synthesis engines for an intuitive software instrument that equips producers with a comprehensive palette of pristine, intimate, and commanding voice sounds for modern production.

Your own organic-synthetic ensemble.
Augmented VOICES takes you beyond conventional choir sounds and familiar one-shots to discover entirely new vocal dimensions for contemporary music production. Whether you’re looking for evocative human timbres for your composition or hybrid whispered textures for pop mixes, embrace the fusion of sampling and synthesis and find your new go-to voice.

Unlock the sonic space between real and surreal.
The combination of a beautifully-recorded sample library and 4 powerful synthesis engines already guarantees a fresh and exciting spectrum of sound. But it’s Augmented VOICES’ Morph control that truly unlocks the full potential of this innovative instrument. Navigate near-limitless sonic territory between Layers A and B, and simultaneously tweak up to 8 custom destinations for a sound that evolves with every touch.

Go from close-up sampled voices to dense hybrid choir in seconds.
Tap into the most versatile range of vocal sounds and tailor them to suit your style with Augmented VOICES’ approachable, flexible controls, getting you to your sonic destination in as little time as possible.

Total custom control over your chosen voice sound.
Augmented VOICES’ Advanced panel goes beneath its easy-to-use controls for massive customization and sound design flexibility when you need it. From sound sources to complex modulation, it’s all here.

It all starts with the sound engines. You have access to two layers, each of them containing two engines, for a total of 4 totally customized sound sources. Each sound source can utilize samples or any of the synth engines, and Augmented VOICES’ morphing creates a continuous evolving sound. You can also tap into settings like filter cutoff, sample width, and envelope times - make it your own.

Main features / Specifications

  • Virtual Instruments playable in a DAW (Live, FL Studio, Logic,...) or standalone with a MIDI keyboard.
  • Dynamic hybrid voice instrument
  • 2 Layers within each preset; each layer contains 2 customizable sound sources
  • Detailed vocal sample library
    • Featuring solo and ensemble recordings
    • Close and far mic arrangements
    • Over 50 expressive and contemporary articulations
  • Flexible synth engines
    • Virtual analog with our award winning TAE® technology
    • Granular engine producing Warp, glitch and stretch sounds
    • Harmonic engine based on additive synthesis
    • Wavetable engine with look up table for more abrasive digital sounds
  • Morph control moves between Layers A and B, and/or affecting up to 8 custom destinations
  • 7 additional macros: Time, Color, Motion, FX A, FX B, Reverb, Delay
  • 2 LFOs, 2 Function Generators, 2 Random Generators, 4 Keyboard modulation sources, dedicated Vibrato & Tremolo
  • 2 FX slots per layer with 14 FX including ParamEQ, Bitcrusher, BL-20 Flanger, and more
  • Dedicated Delay and Reverb sends with 5 spatial/time-based algorithms
  • Built-in 16-step arpeggiator
  • Over 250 factory presets included
  • MPE compatibility
  • MTS-ESP ODDSOUND microtuning compatibility

What's Included

  • Arturia Augmented Voices (via Digital Download)

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