ART DMV-Pro Dual True-Stereo Effects Processor

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This used ART DMV-Pro Effects Processor comes with a Power Supply.


This effects processor is in very good condition with normal wear, has been fully tested, and works great. Please see pictures for details on item condition.

Product Details

The DMV-Pro is the world’s first Dual True-Stereo effects processor. The DMV-Pro offers all of the parameter editing, MIDI capability, and programmability of two full-featured effects processors. Independent editing interfaces give you immediate access to both stereo processors and its two LCDs, which provide clear visual feedback to each channel’s parameters. Specialized 24-bit processing combined with ART’s proprietary Dynamic Engine Allocation (DEA™) software gives you control over a multitude of stunning stereo effects algorithms – hall, plate, chamber, and room reverb; chorus, flange, pitch-shift, tremolo, rotary, panning, phase-shift and delay options – without compromise.

Programming is quick and direct due to the user-friendly panel layout. Up to twelve parameters are available for each effect, including eight LFO shapes as well as dynamic controllers (which can change effects settings depending on the input signal strength). Smart-encoder features are available for each stereo channel and include: tapped delay time input, repeat hold, and rotary speed select. One hundred studio-crafted presets are available, with all 100 locations available for storing your custom sounds.

With the DMV-Pro, ART has created one of the the easiest-to-use and best-sounding processors on the market. Continuing ART’s tradition of creating trend-setting products, the DMV-Pro sets the new standard in digital effects processing: Dual True Stereo. The DMV-Pro is literally two fully-programmable digital processors in one remarkable single space unit.

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