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Weekly Gear Highlights - Presonus Sceptre S8 Are Here!


This week in the weekly gear highlights, we received our first batch of the phenomenal Sceptre S8 CoActual Active Studio Monitors. Not surprisingly, they live up their billing, and they sound absolutely stunning. They are a real step forward in audio reproduction, and one of the biggest innovations we've seen in studio monitors in years. Also we have some great used get to highlight this week, including a really nice Neumann M147 tube microphone.
NEW - Presonus Sceptre S8 Pair - $1499.90
Nothing beats the point-source properties and symmetrical sound field of a coaxial transducer but it takes a totally new approach with built-in Coaxial Speaker Coherence Alignment and Temporal Equalization technology that employs powerful 32-bit, 96 kHz DSP to fully realize coaxial’s potential. The result is clarity and coherence that has previously only been available in ultra-high-end systems. Acoustic-adjustment controls enable integration into any studio. When you buy these from Pixel Pro Audio, know that you'll get a matched pair, that shipped together from the manufacturer. We also carry the Sceptre S6 monitors.
USED - Neumann M147 Tube Microphone - $1649.99
Neumann microphones are high-end, well made mics that simply sounds amazing. The M-147 doesn't disappoint and is an extraordinary tube microphone.
USED - AKG C414B ULS - $699.99
The C 414 B-ULS is the go-to reference microphone and is used as the base-line for every other condenser microphone in the world. This vintage version of the 414 is highly sought after.
B-Stock - Focusrite 18i20 - $399.99
We received a few B-Stock 18i20's this week. These don't stick around long. This is an incredible deal, as it comes with the same warranty as a new item, and also the same software as a new item. The Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 is an 18 in / 20 out USB 2.0 audio interface designed to make home multitrack recording a breeze. We also think it's one of the best looking interfaces on the market, and those 8 Focusrite preamps are incredible! s23337-7
Disclaimer:  Prices are subject to change. With most used items we usually only have one or two in stock. If you see something you like you should buy it before someone else does. Our used inventory changes very rapidly. Hundreds of items are sold and listed every week, so check back often!

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