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Weekly Gear Highlights - Keytariffic!

s23171 yamaha-12 This week in the weekly gear highlights, we have a vintage Yamaha Keytar with the original box and strap! We've never actually had one come in with the original box, so for the collectors out there, this is rare bonus. Back in the 80's people tended to toss the boxes away. We also have a pair of Amek 9098 Mic Pre/EQ modules which were designed by Rupert Neve.
Yamaha SHS-10 Keytar - $199.99
The SHS-10 is a rare keytar that has a small-sized keyboard with 32 minikeys and a pitch-bend wheel. This particular SHS-10 comes with the original box and the original strap.
Amek 9098 Mic Preamp and Equalizer - $1149.99
The Amek 9098 was designed by Rupert Neve and is an incredible preamp and equalizer - what else would you expect from a Neve design?
Schoeps CMC6 U W/MK4 Capsule - $1449.99
The CMC6 microphones are the handiwork of German engineering and are of exceptional quality and design. This Colette microphone features comes with the MK4 cardoid capsules which provides a flat, natural response. For those who dare to use their ears rather than just their eyes when choosing a vocal microphone, a Colette microphone using the MK 4 capsule can be a remarkable instrument. The C4 capsules are great for voice or spoken word applications, singing, and recording most instruments. s23171 yamaha-8 Next week, we have a lot new items getting restocked, including FMR Audio, Motu and more. For used gear, we have a Neumann M147 Tube Mic, an Apogee Ensemble, a pair of Yamaha NS-10M's and much more.
Disclaimer:  Prices are subject to change. With most used items we usually only have one or two in stock. If you see something you like you should buy it before someone else does. Our used inventory changes very rapidly. Hundreds of items are sold and listed every week, so check back often!

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