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Used Guitars - Even More to Choose From!

u053605_311689996-7 It's that lovely time again when we receive a new shipment of used guitars, basses, and even a few ukes! We currently have about 25 certified used guitars, and they are going very quickly! Above we have an SR400QM by Ibanez. Not only does it catch the eye, but blends perfectly for any style of music for only $399! This four-stringed monster is at the perfect price point for a beginner's first bass, or professionals looking to expand their arsenal.   squier_afn_strat_311688054_2_of_9_ Here, we have the classic Strat body with a lush white paint job. Like many strats, this one has the two single-coil pickups (one bridge, one middle) for smoother cleans and thick-distortions. At the base, we have a dual-coil pickup for the screaming high-gain shredders out there. At a cool $169.99, this Affinity HSS Strat is an easy purchase.   u053594_311557205-3 Ever since we started selling used guitars, Guild has been a favorite in every batch. The CV-1C pictured above is the flagship in our guitar inventory. With an extremely open tone and very natural response, this is the acoustic guitar for professionals. As always, enjoy FREE shipping on all orders in the continental US! Be sure to keep checking our inventory of used guitars because it is always changing! Check out our other articles here!

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