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Used Guitars at Pixel Pro Audio!

ibanez_arzir20fb_311688325_5_of_13_ For a while, we have been selling the Line 6 Variax guitar. While it is an immensely versatile instrument suitable for more styles of music than I can count, we have noticed that many of our customers are looking for something a bit more simple and raw. Therefore, we now have available used guitars of all shapes and sizes. In our first batch, we received some very cool pieces. Let's take a look at a few. ibanez_as73_311688342_2_of_5_ Here we have a hollowbody Ibanez AS73 with humbuckers and a transparent cherry finish. This guitar is honestly great for any style, but I think it really shines with blues and rock and roll. Pulling this out of the box, I thought immediately that this guitar was gorgeous and will definitely go quickly. alvarez_rd26_311687386_3_of_14_ Pictured above is an Alvarez RD26, a full-bodied dreadnought that accentuates every articulation. The smooth response from this guitar makes it perfect for a studio session or a live performance. This one also includes a padded case! cordoba_22c_311683960_4_of_10_ Cordoba is known for their high-quality classical guitars. What some people do not know is that they also craft some of the finest ukulele's available.  Pictured above is a 22C, one of the smoothest soprano ukulele's I have ever heard. With a gloss finish and fresh strings, this uke is ready for any performance! Bringing used guitars to our product line has entered us into a whole new world. We carefully select every single guitar, bass guitar and ukulele that comes through our door. Each of them are inspected, tuned and polished before we take pictures. That's right, we take our own pictures of each guitar ensuring you know exactly what it looks like before making a purchase. Just as with all of our used products, we will note any flaws. It is this kind of care that separates Pixel Pro Audio from the rest. We have over 20 guitars in our store and encourage anyone to come try them out! Our current selection includes Fender, Epiphone, Guild, Ibanez, Cordoba, Alvarez, Ovation, and Tobias! As always, enjoy FREE shipping on any order in the continental US! Feel free to check out our other articles here!

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