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Certified Used D'Angelico Guitars!

We just got our latest batch of used instruments in! Each batch we get is exciting and has a few gems that really stand out. This time, it was a few D'Angelico guitars! These guitars have so much style and more importantly, sound as good as they look. They are built in the old archtop hollow-body acoustic design with an Art-Deco flair. They have a very tight, crisp tone and great projection that sounds wonderful played either just acoustically or through the piezo bridge pickup. The slim C-shape neck allows comfortable playing for for both acoustic and electric players. We have two D'Angelico models: the Excel-1A and the Excel 63. The Excel-1A has a cutaway and a 25.5" scale while the Excel 63 has a full body with a 25" scale. Both models have classy looks, solid hardware appointments, wonderful tone, and would work fantastically for jazz and blues. Order from our website or hurry on in, we only have a few in stock and they will go quickly!

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