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The World's Most Innovative Bluetooth-Capable Turntable

Akai Professional has just released what we are calling, the world's most innovative turntable: The BT500. This turntable is packed with features that the modern audiophile and sample engineer cannot live without. The Akai Professional BT500 belt-drive turntable is an exquisitely crafted, premium performance turntable that extracts every musical detail and subtle nuance from your beloved record collection. All the must-have features audiophiles demand for top-flight musical reproduction are here: a quiet belt-drive system with a mechanically-isolated motor that eliminates any residual motor noise and vibration, a heavy die-cast aluminum platter that ensures an exemplary signal-to-noise ratio, a rubber non-slip mat so there’s no record slippage, imperceptible wow and flutter and a low-mass straight tonearm with adjustable counterweight and precision damped cueing. Their unique leveling bubble with adjustable feet ensures a perfectly level needle drop. The result is optimal sound. A high-quality pre-mounted Audio-Technica magnetic cartridge with elliptical stylus in removable headshell completes the package.  When it comes to the connections, Akai has covered all the bases and more! There are the standard RCA outputs, but with a built-in switchable preamp. For the audiophile who used all tube preamps, they are not limited to the standard stock preamp. That is not to say that this one doesn't hold its own. Akai has been known for great quality phono preamps since the release of the AMX. Further to the right, you can see a USB port for direct computer connectivity. With the free Akai software, anyone can easily transfer their entire vinyl collection into digital files on a computer. Included is also an independent headphone output and volume control. ak_0007_bt500_bluetoothdetail_1200x750_web One of the most unique features of this machine is the Bluetooth capability. This turntable is perfect for nearly every system. From high-grade listening to intense sampling, the BT500 is unmatched. Pairing quality features with a gorgeous finish, Akai has made this a must-have product for vinyl users. Here is a quick video from the AkaiProVideo channel unboxing the BT500! As always, enjoy FREE shipping on every order in the continental US. Come see us in downtown Appleton, or give us a call, toll-free at 855-269-0474 and order yours today! Check out our other article here!

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