The Legend Continues - Shure KSM8 Dualdyne

The Legend Continues - Shure KSM8 Dualdyne


Once upon a time, the world's most famous microphone brand, Shure, forged the most recognized microphone in history. For generations, the SM55 Unidyne has been an icon for music, broadcasting and public address. Now, 77 years after its release, Shure decided to once again raise the bar and set the new standard for microphones.


One of the most notable features about the KSM8 is how it reacts to the proximity effect. As you get closer to a microphone, more bass is present. Shure designed this handheld beauty to reduce that by more than half resulting in a truer and clearer response. Another great feature (and probably my favorite) of the KSM8 is the frequency response. It is flatter than any other handheld dynamic microphone. This flat response makes it more versatile and reduces feedback. ksm8-dualdyne-frequency-res

For $499, you will not find a better dynamic microphone. The KSM8 Dualdyne is available in black or the brushed nickel finish. It will be the highlight of any mic locker. Check out some sound samples below of the KSM8 on a guitar cabinet! Here are a couple of raw .wav files we recorded using the KSM8: As always, if you need a deal, give us a call or stop in the store at 601 W College Ave in Appleton. We have FREE shipping on any order in the continental US as well so you can have extra cash for more gear! _0016_KSM8_BlackMic Side_FNL

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