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The Hotone Soul Press shows us that size doesn't always matter.

soulpress-8 The Hotone Soul Press is another pint size conservator of tone from the crew at Hotone Pedals. Much like the debate over the pronunciation of the company name, the Soul Press find itself with a similar identity issue.  Some say it's a Volume Pedal. Others say it's an Expression Pedal. There's even whispers that it's a Wah Pedal. The answer; It does it all. The pedal comes in at 5.4"-2.4"-2", making it the largest pedal offering from Hotone to date. Features include a 3 way sliding switch between Volume-Expression-Wah, A "Bottom Value" control knob on the opposite side to set either a 0%-100% or 50%-100% sweep while in Volume and Expression modes, and a pair of LED lights that indicate when the pedal is in use. soulpress-7 When in use, the volume mode was smooth and hiccup-free. Being able to dial in the floor volume is a feature that many guitarists can find incredibly useful to use the Soul Press as a solo boost at full volume, then bringing it down to blend right back in with the band. It's also a very helpful tool to bring out some expression to softer guitar leads. Did someone say expression? Well... The Hotone Soul Press is compatible with any digital FX system that accepts an external expression pedal. Many players find this useful for blending in Delay, Reverb, or even string background pads to their playing. The smooth operation of the pedal really lends itself well to accurate adjustments, but is still strong enough to hold in place so you can set it and forget it. After getting a good grip on the other uses of this multi-tool, I couldn't resist the urge to try out the wah setting. I was blown away! The size and sweep of the effect was above and beyond what I had initially expected from such a small footprint. On a clean amp setting, it was classic, smooth, and had plenty of funk! Put in-front of a distorted channel, it sang! Throaty, articulate, and larger than life just begin to describe the tone. A clear favorite in the cluttered wah-pedal market. The Hotone Soul Press is the real deal.  The 3 pedals-in-one format makes this a must have at $99.99. It's no surprise that they sell out as fast as we get them in, so don't hesitate! As always, we ship within one business day, guaranteed.

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