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The Blue Microphones Hummingbird Has Hatched!

Okay, bad puns aside, the new Blue Microphones Hummingbird is out and shipping now! The Hummingbird is a class A discrete design with a pivoting head to get the mic exactly where you want it and capture the sound as perfectly as possible. Blue is well known for great sounding, innovative microphones, and the Hummingbird definitely continues that tradition. Check out the video below to get a feel for what makes this mic worth a look.     From Blue: Discover new tonal colors of your instruments by simply rotating Hummingbird’s head. The unique 180° pivoting head allows you to place the mic at any angle—without having to adjust the mic stand—and capture the sound most mics would leave behind. Give Hummingbird a turn, and take your recordings from good to great. Here are some examples: Sweep the capsule between the 12th fret and sound hole of an acoustic guitar to dial in the perfect guitar sound, all without having to get up out of your chair. Rotate the capsule between the edge of the snare drum and the center of the drumhead to get the perfect snare sound, all without having to adjust the mic stand. Pivot the heads of a pair of Hummingbird overheads to dial in the perfect stereo image for drums, percussion, or upright piano. hummingbird_0000_hummingbird-lifestyle

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