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Teenage Engineering - Big Sounds, Small Synthesizers (and Prices!)

We've got the hottest-trending synth on the market! And the best part is, it fits in your pocket!


Starting at just $59, any Teenage Engineering product is the perfect solution to a last-minute stocking stuffer! Every synthesizer has its own unique look and sound. For just $39, you can add a case to any of the synths! They can even be connected to each other to formulate the most classic or uncommon sounds! Pocket operators are cleverly designed on a single circuit board. By placing all vital and sensitive components under the LCD display there's no need for an outer case. By saving this cost, high quality components could be used to guarantee the best possible sound and very low power consumption. The space under the display also doubles as a speaker box. The Rhythm (PO-12) is a drum synthesizer and sequencer with parameter locks, individual step re-trig and punch-in effects.


The Sub (PO-14) is a bass line synthesizer and sequencer with parameter locks, punch-in effects and play styles.


The Factory (PO-16) is a melody synthesizer and sequencer with parameter locks, punch-in effects, arpeggio and chord play styles.


For as little as $59, you could have your own TE Pocket Operator Synthesizer and recreate the famous sonic characteristics of past legends, or create your own synthesized legacy! Check out this video of the PO-12 in action!

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