Studio One 3: The New Studio Standard

Studio One 3: The New Studio Standard


In recent years, PreSonus has been developing the best (seriously) studio software available: Studio One. The third version of the incredible DAW just got even better! Yesterday, PreSonus hosted a live webcast announcing the new features of Studio One 3.2. Studio-One-3.2-Webcast-800x320

For starters, the updated DAW has much more user-friendly versatility with simple things like zooming, buss channels, editing, automation and VCA group faders. You can zoom in on a certain area just by holding shift highlighting the area you want to see! Comping a vocal or a bass track can be easily done by highlighting the areas you want to keep, or even scrolling through them! No other workstation allows this quick workflow, When you are all done editing, automation of literally any parameter is important to make your mix fit right. Studio One now offers the ability to automate entire sections to the same value, saving you time and headaches while trying to make everything match. studio_one_arranger_track

One of my favorite features is the VCA group fader. Submixing is everything while making your mix sound professional. With VCA faders, you can move the master of each bus down while keeping all of the tracks at the same relative level to each other. This is something that Studio One users like myself have been asking for and we are very glad it has become a reality. 1_whats_new_32

My favorite part about the update is the Console Shaper designed by State Space. This is such an easy plug-in to use and the possibilities are virtually limitless. With just three knobs, you can transform your digital edge sound into a vintage console emulation. The drive adds small amounts of harmonic distortion that warm up the sound and round off some of the digitization. As you can see, there is a noise control. Technicians have spend decades figuring out how to get the cleanest sounds possible from a console. And now we want the noise back! Nostalgia has tickled our vintage ears, and State Space has responded. Crosstalk is a very interesting concept and really adds depth to submixes and the mix buss itself.  What happens on a console is the signal from channels next to each other affect the response and can even be heard on other channels. This, in turn, will alter the effects on each channel or submix, but in a very tasteful way. I find this to be especially useful on triggered or MIDI drums. Crosstalk makes them sound real, kind of like listening to an actual performance. VT1_500

Another very nice feature of Studio One is its expandability. PreSonus worked with State Space again on creating the amazing Channel Strip Collection. I heard these and I was impressed. Between the stock plug-ins that come with Studio One Professional and the Channel Strip expansion, these are the only plug-ins most users will ever need! There are still more great features to come with Studio One including Slate, Softube and Acoustica plug-ins, so stay tuned! Studio One Artist is included with every PreSonus interface (even B-Stock!). And as always, enjoy free shipping on every order! Give us a call today at 855-269-0474, or stop in our store in Appleton for great deals!

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