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Studio One 3.3: Updates and Added Features

The latest and greatest recording software just got better! PreSonus' Studio One 3.3 was just released with tons of updates. Today, I'll walk through a few of the highlights of this free update. The first is a feature that many of us have been waiting for: a global plug-in toggle switch. This new switch is located next to the global solo and global mute switches and allows the activation and deactivation of all of the plug-ins in your mix. You don't always need to turn them all off and on though. On each plug in the console view, there is a power button. You can select every channel you want to toggle and turn off one of the plugs. This will turn them off for the selected tracks. You can also do the same with rows of plugs on any tracks you want. s132 Also added in this version are CPU-saving improvements. The ability to disable tracks is now included. Instead of just muting them, Studio One can disable them and save loads of processing on tracks you don't even want to hear. The highly-regarded Console Shaper Mix Effect has also undergone some overhauling. It sounds just as good but lowering the processing power immensely. I use this on every mix and it eats up my CPU quickly. After the update, my performance meter on the bottom left is hardly moving. mediabar For PreSonus interface owners, Universal Control and Studio One now communicate better than ever. Talkback, monitor switching, monitor controlling and many more routing options can be done in either Universal Control or Studio One. Now, you can spend less time messing with routing, and more time mixing. Finally, Studio One 3.3 also has a much improved video engine. The video player has much more smooth playback because it is no longer dependent on QuickTime Player. In the 64-bit version, there is even an option to extract audio from the video. Within seconds, the software can create a stereo file of the audio within the video. There is also the added speed when importing MP3 files. All it takes is a drag and drop of the file, and the MP3 is there almost instantaneously! Studio One 3.3 is now also integrated with Notion 6. Be on the lookout, we'll have much more on that soon! Studio One 3.3 Artist and Professional bundled with Notion 6 are now available at our website here. As always, enjoy FREE shipping anywhere in the continental US. Feel free to give us a call at 855-269-0474 or stop in our store in Downtown Appleton! Check out our other articles here.

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