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Soyuz SU-017 Mic Shootout W/Neumann U67, AKG C12

soyuz-su017 The Soyuz SU-017 is a new ultra-high end, handmade Russian microphone. We think the best way to show off the sound of the Soyuz SU-017 is to have you listen to a shootout between a couple of well known, well loved, high end studio microphones. This shootout was done with a Neumann U67, and an AKG C12. It gives you an excellent point of comparison between a couple well known, well loved, and very expensive, high end tube condenser microphones. As you can hear, it's an incredible microphone. Yes, it's also expensive, but it's a lot cheaper than a used U67 or C12, but it's a mic with an incredible and unique tone. This microphone also has a great story, full of color and style. Each one is made by hand, in Russia, using rare, and hand selected parts. They are painstakingly created by artisans who are masters of their craft. We can even work out a deal for those on a tight budget. Give us a call to discuss this incredible microphone!

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