Solomon LoFreQ Sub Bass Microphone Info/Sound Samples

Solomon LoFreQ Sub Bass Microphone Info/Sound Samples

lofreq_0002_Solomon+Mics+-+New+Product+(4-16-15)+-44 We just got our first shipment of one of the market's most attractive, and unique microphones -The Solomon LoFreQ! (Loh-Freek). The concept behind these microphones began with reverse wiring Yamaha's renowned NS-10 speaker to act specifically as a low frequency capture microphone. Engineers who desired the largest impact of the low end from sources such as a bass amp or kick drum would rewire an NS-10 speaker and position it in a way to capture the "boom." Thanks to Solomon Microphones, you can get the same result with much less work, at a fraction of the cost!


Dylan Wissing at Triple Colossal Studios added one of these to his kick setup and stands by it. Both him and his clients love it! Personally, I can't wait to have one of these in my rig. For only $199.99, the look and sound isn't the only attractive aspect of these microphones! We've started seeing people using them as a second or third addition to their kick drums.


Typically, a dynamic microphone with a presence peak around 5kHz-6kHz is put inside the shell capturing the attack and then a Solomon LoFreQ on the outsideto fill it out.


Solomon makes it easy to plug and play by already attaching a balanced XLR jack and a standard 5/8" threads to be mounted on virtually any mic stand. Take a listen to each of these sound samples on different sizes of kick drums! As always, if you need a deal on a single item or even a bundle (such as a Solomon microphone, a cable and a stand), give us a call or stop in the store!

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